A family tradition


Vallena is the ideal place to cultivate vines. Thanks to its excellently exposed sloping lands, to its mineral soils, its dry, airy and cool climate and its significant thermal excursion between day and night, vines have been cultivated in Vallena since 1832.

Wine Culture

in the vineyard


Our field technician manages all viticultural and agronomic operations and coordinates our vineyard operators by customizing each intervention in order to maintain the vegetative-productive balance of each plant

in the vineyard


When an optimal ripeness is reached, the grapes are harvested by hand, usually during the second half of October

in the cellar


We begin with a visual selection of the grapes, that are then destemmed, without being pressed. Not pressing the grapes enables a clean and fragrant fermentation without lees

in the cellar


At the end of fermentation, wine evolves in 25hl oak barrels without distorting its aromatic profile

In the wine shop

the right choice

Vallena’s selection of wines is characterized by a great variety: it starts with a young and fresh Valpolicella, passing on to wines with greater structure such as Valpolicella Superiore il Costolo and Ripasso, finally reaching the great power and complexity of Amarone

at home

dark and cool

For a correct storage, the bottles of wine must be kept in an environment with a constant temperature (12°/15°C for red wines, 10°/12° for white wines), with the right level of humidity (between 60% and 75%) and protected from light. The bottles must be laid flat or slightly inclined (5°)


About us...

Riccardo Tomezzoli Tantini

As a young man, I used to organize sporting events. I represented in Italy the companies that organized the Paris Dakar Rally, the Rallye des Pharaons, the Niger Rally, the Peking to Paris (both by land and air). Later on, I began my insurance broker activity, which I still carry on, specializing in the 'fine art' sector and in special risks. During all these years, Vallena has been a permanent presence: I have been taking care of the property since the 80s, first alongside my mother Anna Tantini and now with my daughter Rachele. I consider restoring wine production in Vallena one of my greatest achievements, bringing forward almost two centuries of family history.